Stâna de Vale

Stâna de Vale is a climatic treatment and rest resort, located in Budureasa commune in Bihor county. The resort is located in a mountain group of the Apuseni Mountains, namely the Vladeasa massif, at an altitude of 1100 m.

Stana de Vale view

Regardless of the season, you can visit Stana de Vale and choose from a variety of tourist attractions that you can visit and various activities for the whole family.

Summer activities

Izvorul Minunilor

The basis of the development of this resort is the Izvorul Minunilor (Spring of Miracles), a mineral source with extraordinary qualities and numerous therapeutic effects. The source is in the form of a stream of water with a high flow, and then descends in the form of small waterfalls, to the road where it reaches a pond of stones. Access by the spring is via stairs. Source water is beneficial for people suffering from endocrine disorders, weakened body, respiratory problems, asthenia, physical and intellectual overload.

According to a folk tale, under the earth once stood a huge ice empire. The empires king warned his daughter of the fire of love. But the girl did not listen to the father, and from the fierce love of the ace-king, the ice columns supporting the stone halls of the great empire merged, burying the young couple in love. Traces of this huge mound can still be seen on the rock blocks lying on the surface. And the ice-cold water of the vast, melted underground empire is still pouring unceasingly from the stomach of the earth.

Stana de vale - Izvorul minunulor

Adventure Park – Happy Land

  • The adventure park is composed of several routes with different altitudes and lengths, it is a place that promotes fun, movement and goodwill. The place is designed so that you can have an activity with the whole family.
  • The aplin bob is a sleigh whitch has proven to be remarkable in ski areas in Europe. It may be available in both winter and summer.
  • There is also a specially designed slide that can be used with a tub (on a post covered with plastic mats). This slide provides fun for both children and adults and can be used in both winter and summer.
  • Another activity provided by the park is cycling tourism. If you want to get moving, but also enjoy the scenery at the same time, you can rent a bike and take a circuit trip. There are several routes available, with varying degrees of difficulty. With every kilometre you will enjoy the changes in scenery or the pleasant summer temperature, and traveling for a few hours cycling without stress will make you remind yourself what really matters.

Winter activities

If you decide to visit the winter location you can choose from the following activities: skiing, tubing or sledding. There are 3 slopes with ski area:

  • Pârtia Căprioara (length 170 m)
  • Pârtia Cerbul (length 585 m)
  • Pârtia Renul (length 790 m)

Regardless of the season you visit the area, there are several activities you can enjoy. Being located in the middle of nature, you can disconnect from the daily stress and the crowds of big cities.

Access to Stâna de Vale

Located in Bihor county, in the Vlădeasa Massif, about 70 km from Oradea on DN 76 to Beiuş and then to the left towards Budureasa.

Accommodation nearby

After visiting these fabulous places, we look forward to seeing you at Boros GuestHouse, where you can rest and enjoy a varied traditional dinner and breakfast. Pension Boros is located 31 km from Stâna de Vale. Contact and location details.