How to find accommodation near Pádis?

Padiș area description

In the hope that we will soon reach the end of this pandemic, prepare for a new hike in the Apuseni Mountains. This time the hike takes place in the Padis area, where soon spring will make its first appearances and you can discover wonderful places. In this adventure we move away from the bustle of the city to relax in the middle of nature.


Located in the Apuseni National Park, in the southeast of Bihor County and discovered around 1800, lately it attracts many tourists both from the country and from abroad. The area is composed of a wide variety of relief forms, the maximum point reaching 1200 m. The first scientific discovery was recorded in 1861-1862 under the leadership of Schmidl Adolf, organized by the Vienna Academy. The name Padis first appeared on the map published then.

Due to the numerous karst formations (specific to the area) this area is one of the most fascinating and beautiful places in Romania. These karst formations are remarkable both in size and extent, so the Padis area is in the first place in terms of the development of karst forms.


Things to visit

What can be visited?

The area has a plateau crossed by an extensive hydrographic network and a relief with ponoare, caves, waterfallsm, gorges and meadows. You can visit several tourist attractions, but the most spectacular are the following:

There are also a multitude of tourist routes, some of which are marked. The marked routes have in common the fact that the starting point is the old Padis chalet. These are the marked, shorter routes in the area:

  • Chalet Padis – La Grajduri area (duration about 45 min.)
  • La Grajduri area – Padis Chalet (duration about 1 hour)
  • Chalet Padis – Poiana Vărăsoaia (duration about 45 min.)
  • Padis Chalet – Padis Canton (duration about 30 min.)
  • Padis Chalet – Boga Village (duration about 2 hours)
  • Padis Chalet – Poiana Florilor (duration about 2 1/2 hours)

These are some marked routes with a longer travel time:

  • Cetatile Ponorului
    • duration: about 5-6 hours
    • route: Cabana Padis – Poiana Ponor – Drum Forestier Scarita – Cabana Cetatile Ponorului – Catatile Ponorului – La Grajduri – Cabana Padis
    • mark: blue dot
  • Circuit Magura Vanata
    • duration: about 5 hours
    • route: Cabana Padis – Vf. Magura Vanata – Vf. Magura – Poiana Varasoaia – Cabana Padis
    • mark: yellow triangle
  • Circuitul Galbenei
    • duration: about 9-10 hours
    • route: Cabana Padis – Poiana Ponor- Drumul Forestier Scarita – Cabana Cetatile Ponorului – Avenul Bortig – Izbucul Galbanei – Cheile Galbenei – Poiana Florilor – Focul Viu – Piatra Galbenei – La Grajduri – Cabana Padis
    • mark: yellow dot
  • Circuit Gropa Barsa
    • duration: about 6-7 hours
    • route: Cabana Padis – Sesul Padis – Uvala Balileasa – Drumul Forestier Scarita – Cabana Cetatile Ponorului – Pestera Barsa – Taul Negru – Pestera Neagra – ,,La Grajduri” – Cabana Padis
    • mark: yellow line

How to access Padis

Access to the area can be done in several ways:

  • European road E60: Oradea – Huedin – Cluj-Napoca. From Huedin, car access on DJ761B at km 10, fork to Beliş-Fântânele (paved road) or Răchiţele-Ic Ponor-Padiş (paved and dirt road);
  • European road E79: Oradea – Beiuş – Deva. From Sudrigiu, on the county road, fork towards Pietroasa – Boga – Padiş Plateau (asphalt road);
  • European road DN75: Ştei – Câmpeni – Turda. From the holiday village Vârtop, to Groapa Ruginoasă, Camping Glăvoi, Cheile Galbenei (on tourist routes);

Boros Guesthouse

If you have visited and admired these beautiful landscapes, we welcome you to the Boros Guesthouse, where you can relax and gather strength for the next day with a rich dinner and breakfast. The guest house is 42 km from Padis. Contact and location details.

Camping in Padis

As an alternative to a guesthouse, accommodation can be done by camping. In specially arranged areas, such as Camping Glăvoi and Platou Padiș, camping is allowed.

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