Băile Felix

It is the largest permanent resort in Romania, ranking second, after the Black Sea coast, in terms of the number of accommodation in Romania. The existing facilities in this resort allow the successful treatment of rheumatism and neurological and gynecological diseases, and the medical bases have facilities for methods such as electrotherapy, hydrotherapy, aerosols, massages, paraffin wraps, and other operations specific to spa treatments. The geothermal springs with temperatures of 43–49 ° C have certified curative properties, being oligometallic, bicarbonate, calcium, and sodium, and the sludge has sapropelic properties.

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Attractions – Baile Felix

  • Lakes with water lilies and lotuses, lakes populated with turtles and exotic fish.
  • Apollo thermal water pool (1900).
  • Covered aqua park in the resort
  • The “Pârâul Peța” Natural Reserve from Băile 1 Mai, shelters 3 protected natural species: Nymphaea Lotus Thermalis’ (unique variety in Europe, relic of the Tertiary era), the fish “Roșioara lui Racoviță” (endemic species, named after the Romanian naturalist Emil Racoviță) and the Melanopsis Parreyssi snail (survivor of the ice age).
  • The wave pool in Băile 1 Mai (the oldest in Romania – approx. 107 years old)
  • The karst phenomenon on Dealul Șomleului, Avenul de la Betfia, or Avenul “Hudra Bradii” (improperly called by the locals “Craterul de la Betfia”). It has a depth of 86 meters, its well having an almost vertical drop of 54 meters).

Those interested in history and architecture can visit the following objectives:

  • Haieu Chapel, an impressive church-hall of medieval origin (14th century), where you can also see Romanesque, Cistercian, and Gothic architectural elements (restored in 1977);
  • Sanifarm building, a former monastery belonging to the monastic order of St. Vincent, a beautiful building of Baroque architecture, was built in the century. in the 18th century.
  • Rontău Orthodox Church (15th century)
  • Haieu Orthodox Church
  • Roman Catholic Church in Haieu (Baths May 1)
  • The United (Greek Catholic) Church of Haieu (1906);
  • The wooden church from Brusturi and the Greek-Catholic Church from Băile Felix.

The geothermal springs with temperatures of 43–49 ° C have certified curative properties, being oligometallic, bicarbonate, calcium, and sodium, and the sludge has sapropelic properties.

The climate with mild winters and moderate summers favors the existence of a vast deciduous forest, which gives the resort an ideal atmosphere in any season, making it suitable for relaxation and treatment, so that the rain or cold of winter does not impede a geo water bath. -thermal, outdoors. After 1989, Baile Felix entered a faster development, and currently, in the resort, many guesthouses and villas have a special comfort and are located at the level of international tourism. If you visit the Baile Felix resort, you have the opportunity to register for the excursions organized at the Bear Cave in Chiscau.

  • Bear Cave is the only cave in the country designed to international standards and is unique in the density of cave bear fossils. The Bear Cave in Chiscau never ceases to amaze both tourists and scientists.

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The story

The thermal springs were highlighted in the 18th century by the monk Felix Helcher from the Klosterbruck⁠ monastery in Moravia, the Sânmartin monastery administrator. Between 1711-1721 the first settlements for treatment were organized, which were called “Felix’s Bath” (in Hungarian Félixfürdő). Felix Helcher died in 1737. In 1885 a new spring was captured, with a temperature of 49 ° C.

According to others, the hot springs were discovered, according to some around 1000, according to others, around 1200, and according to other experts were discovered only around 1700. The only fact not disputed by historians is the appearance of the first buildings in this resort: between 1711- 1721.

The domain of the Sânmartin monastery was nationalized in 1948 by the communist authorities. Several recreational bases were built on the nationalized lands, including one of the Securitate. The latter was claimed by the Order of Premonstratensian.

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Top restaurants

Restaurant Verdi-Complex vile VerdiRestaurant Verdi-Complex vile Verdi –  0726 104 532

Restaurant Casa Romaneasca – 0359 444 333

Restaurant Rustic – 0770 131 018

Due Fratelli – Sânmartin – 0738 690 280

Restaurant Noblesse – 0359 458 254

Terasa / Restaurant Nufarul – 0259 318 142

Accommodation nearby

To fully enjoy the thermal waters, then you must stay at the most welcoming guesthouse nearby, Boros Guesthouse. The Boros Guesthouse is located 57 km from the Baile Felix.